🏠Buying a home is an exciting, and sometimes overwhelming experience. The first step you take after finding your perfect agent at The Brokerage House, is to get pre-approved.  You have to know what you can afford and how much a bank will lend you.

The cost of buying a house goes well beyond the sticker price that you see online or the down payment amount that you have in mind. It’s very easy to underestimate the amount of funds needed to purchase a home –
so let’s chat about what you need UPFRONT!
It’s a good idea to plan on these additional expenses so you are not caught off guard after you get that winning bid on your dream home!

Keep reading to explore the top 4 additional home buying costs.


Closing Costs: This is a big one that a lot of first-time home buyers are even aware of! These are fees that you pay your lender in order for originating your loan. Closing costs pay for things like your appraisal, title insurance, origination fee, lender fee and more. 

**The typical rule of thumb to estimate the amount needed to hold back for closing costs is 2-4%.  

Downpayment: This will be your largest expense! The good news is you don’t have to put down 20% to purchase a home! It’s possible to put as little down as 3.5% on a home (some programs even allow zero down). Your lender will guide you on what loan programs for your financial situation – but it’s helpful and important to know the funds needed to set aside for the purchase of your home.  If you are lender shopping (yes, you can compare lenders before deciding on your loan) we have some great LOCAL loan officers we would be happy to recommend to you. A local lender is crucial, but that is a topic big enough for it’s own blog another day! 

Inspections: From home inspections to termite inspections – these are fees outside the closing costs that will need to be paid for upfront. Dependent on the size of the home and intensity of the inspections is where the pricing will be. Home inspections will typically range right around ~$500. We have some good local inspectors we trust and can refer to you. While these are additional fees, it’s an important step in the home buying process! You need to know what’s going on in the home and if there are any potential issues!

Moving Costs: Costs don’t stop with the purchase! Moving costs can include truck rentals or hiring professional movers.   The cost of supplies like boxes, tape, and pizza/bribes for your friends to come help you can add up quickly. . On average the cost to move is $2,000.  Of course, there are many great tips and tricks to moving, which we will also cover in another blog! 


Have any questions? Please reach out today and we would love to help! 

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We help sellers every step of the way through the whole selling process. From help with staging your home, pricing, advertising, and handling all the confusing & stressful stuff.
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