Decorating for Selling during the Holidays

Agent Sydney Hendrickson has some great tips when selling your home while decorating for the winter holidays!

The holidays are here! And guess what…buyers are still buying and sellers are still selling. 

Before breaking out those beloved christmas decorations the first thing that has to be done is staging! It is highly recommended that you box up your beloved treasures in either a room that is not being used or in a place of storage. When buyers come and see your home  they will understand that you’re in the process of moving, plus you don’t want to have the sense that your home is overcrowded with your belongings. When buyers come for showings they should be able to envision themselves living there – not having the sense that the seller is living there with all of their family heirlooms out and about.

After the staging of your home is done don’t start decorating quite yet, the next thing to come is getting pictures done! When buyers are looking online past the holiday season they are going to be wondering why there is a christmas tree, or a garland in the picture or why has this house sat on the market for so long? But after the pictures are taken you can start your holiday decorating!

 Make the home feel cozy, get some nice vanilla scented candles or wax melts (if you’re worried about fire). I understand showing off how great your Christmas tree looks in the living room, and how the Christmas lights accentuate your house – but simple is better and it really goes a long way. For example, just plain old string lights really make your home look classy. So instead of putting your family Christmas decorations on the tree, opt for simple lights and some nice tinsel. For bringing equal opportunity for everyone, hold off on the decorations that have a heavy influence of tradition for your family and maybe go for some of the classical holiday decorations like snowmen, garlands and a nutcracker or two. 

Lastly know this, you don’t need to fill every space in the house with holiday decorations! You can simply accentuate spaces with simple lights, or candles. Happy Holidays and happy house hunting.

Sydney Hendrickson and the Brokerage House


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