FSBO: Is For Sale By Owner a Good Idea?

🏠 Selling your home without an agent seems like a great way to save money…right?….I mean, you forgo paying commission. 

A true professional Real Estate Agent pays for themselves with the work, time and expertise they bring to the table.  The savings of having no commission pay is usually less than potential money you get when you work WITH an agent.


Did you know that 88% of FSBO properties end up using a Realtor? Also,  89% of buyers are currently working with a Real Estate Agent.  Very few transactions are totally smooth with no obstacles or bumps in the road to overcome.  These can be extremely difficult on your own.

Here are some benefits to putting a Realtor to work for you! 

🖤 We pay for ourselves. How? One thing that sets The Brokerage House apart, is that we take pride in positioning your home to really garner the best premium price possible.  We do this with professional cleaning, professional staging, professional photography – all at no additional cost.  Adding value to your house in these ways for marketing can make you more money!

💛Having an agent keeps you one step removed and helps you be less likely to make an emotional decision or mistake.  These could include: overpricing your home, or refusing to counter a low offer because you are offended.

🖤An agent can find out whether someone who wants to view your home is really a qualified buyer, or just a dreamer or nosy neighbor. Agents ensure no one is coming to the table without having been vetted by a lender. 

💛There is a LOT of legal paperwork involved in the sale of a home.  I mean, a lot a lot. These should be completed correctly by an expert familiar with state and real estate laws. Forms, forms, and more forms, it can be overwhelming, and with a big purchase like this, you don’t want to make a mistake.

🖤The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a database of houses and properties for sale.  This is where websites and apps such as Zillow pull from to share listings.  The tools that the MLS offers can only be accessed by licensed Real Estate Agents and is the best way to get your home in front of buyers.

 Here are some examples of things that could be difficult to manage without an agent:

 * You receive 6 offers, now you have to figure the best one differentiating between all       the terms, clauses & contingencies.
*An appraisal comes in low…how can you negotiate or do you have any options?
*The buyer backs out.  What step do you take next? What happens to and how do you handle the earnest money?
*Appraiser states the house needs to be re-paired  prior to close, now what?
*The buyer can’t close on time, what do you do?
*The buyer expects all the appliances to stay, but you planned on taking them, now what?
*The buyer wants to switch lenders in the middle of the transaction, how does that effect you?

 So, if you are thinking about selling your house, please speak with one of our Real Estate professionals to see how we can help you get a premium price for your home, while navigating this market.


If you are considering buying a home, reach out!

One of our experience Real Estate Professionals would be more than happy to help you.
We help sellers every step of the way through the whole selling process. From help with staging your home, pricing, advertising, and handling all the confusing & stressful stuff.
We also have many buyers looking for homes, so we may even be able to bring you the perfect buyer without the hassle of the showings.




We look forward to hearing from you soon.








The Brokerage House Team






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