As people begin thinking about selling their home, it can feel very overwhelming.  One stressor can be figuring out WHAT to spruce up and HOW to get your home ready to sell.

Take a big breath, relax,  ’cause we got you.  This is one of The Brokerage House’s specialties.  We will walk through your home and help you determine a plan. We will make a list based on your time & budget, what is worth painting, repairing, etc to help you get EVERY DOLLAR our of your house.

So, each client will end up getting an individualized list from our agents.  Many times we can even take care of the items on the list for you.  Yes, you read that right.  We are a full service boutique brokerage and we love this! We live for helping showcase each home at it’s absolute best! 

Here are our top recommended items that we would include on a “Honey Do” list to get your home ready for pictures & to hit the market.  This will give you an idea of where to start. And if you are looking for an agent, remember we will come up with a specialized list and plan for you to showcase your home.


FIRST –  De-Clutter 

Now, do not take offense when this word is used.  This does not mean your agent believes your home is cluttered, dirty, hoarded, or any other negative association you may have with “de-clutter”.  What we mean is simply removing most of your decorations, personal pictures & items, reduce the amount of furniture, etc.  Again this is something your agent can help specify.  To show your house, you want buyers to come in and be able to picture themselves there, as opposed to seeing how you have been living there. So we want to get your space very simple yet beautiful.


SECONDDeep Clean, professional cleaning 

You will want EVERYTHING spick & span! The house should be cleaned top to bottom. This includes blinds, carpets, doors, fans, vents and so on.  Some clients like to do this themselves, when possible we like to get a professional in there for our clients.  And let’s not forget about cleaning spaces like the garage, the basements & attics.  Buyers will want to see it all, and every space being  attended to will give the buyer confidence that this home has been well maintained.


THIRD – Repairs & Painting

What are some things you can fix before listing that a buyer won’t see and add to a list in their head of something they would have to do when purchasing your house.  Some examples of simple things you can do are: replace doorknobs, replace broken blinds, re-caulk  in the bathroom, new towels, repair holes in walls, make sure every light bulb works,  repaint exterior trim or replace rotten wood, etc.  Again, this will be something our agent can help you with!
Oh, and colors!  Should you paint or not?  After patching up nail holes and such, a fresh coat of paint goes a long way.  And that purple bedroom your daughter loved, well yes…probably painting it gray will make it more appealing and neutral for buyers.  Your Brokerage House agent can help you with what should be painted, what can be left as it is, and recommend the best colors.


FOURTH – Staging

Now this is where we really shine and stand out from other Brokerages.  We are experts at staging, and co-owner Jenifer Scanlon is an accredited staging specialist.  So when it comes to how to arrange that living room, with your own furniture or bringing on our own, we have you covered.  How many plants are okay in the space, is my bedding okay for pictures, should we paint our neon green bedroom white, WE can tell you.  

Depending on the time of year, we can also help stage your outdoor area.  Adding flowers, or staging outdoor furniture, we consider how to elevate every space!  And that curb appeal is your buyer’s first impression of your home, it’s important!


You may be asking… why do we bother with all of this?
A clean and well staged house automatically increases the appeal and value of your home!


As  your agent, we WORK for you.  Part of working for you is getting the most value out of your home for you!  Our experience in prepping homes is a big part of our success and why we have so many happy clients.  We take the stress out of it by helping you prioritize and taking care of  some of this for you.  Oh, and we don’t charge more for doing it.  It is a part of our world class customer service!


So, are you ready?


Let’s get YOUR HOME ready to sell!


And for those of you who love a checklist, scroll a little farther for a list you can use to get started.

When you have tenants, who will remain in the home after the close due to their lease, then you must disclose the lease terms to the buyer. The new owner will be legally obligated by the lease. In a strong market, you may find a buyer willing to wait for the expiration of the lease, even if they intend to occupy the home.
We help sellers every step of the way through the whole selling process. From help with staging your home, pricing, advertising, and handling all the confusing & stressful stuff.
We also have many buyers looking for homes, so we may even be able to bring you the perfect buyer without the hassle of the showings.


We look forward to hearing from you soon.




The Brokerage House Team


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