Is now a good time to buy?

🏠Is it a good time to buy?
This is the question we are getting asked a lot.
It’s a seller’s market, should I buy?
The answer – you should buy when YOU ARE READY!  
Take a listen to this quick video from Jenifer Scanlon giving her answer  to this question, and her expert advice is always worth considering!  
You do not need to wait for the market to “cool down”, the best time to buy is the time you are ready, regardless of the market, interest rates and so forth.
Why? Because if you are renting, you are missing out on building equity.
🖤 Renting is a guaranteed loss
💛 Work with the monthly payment you can afford now
🖤 Get a local Real Estate Professional  
💛 Work with a local Lender



 If you are considering buying a home, reach out!

One of our experience Real Estate Professionals would be more than happy to help you.
We help sellers every step of the way through the whole selling process. From help with staging your home, pricing, advertising, and handling all the confusing & stressful stuff.
We also have many buyers looking for homes, so we may even be able to bring you the perfect buyer without the hassle of the showings.




We look forward to hearing from you soon.








The Brokerage House Team






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