Renovations for Aging Homeowners

🏠 Approximately 90 percent of seniors over 65 years old intend to stay in their homes for at least 10 more years, according to AARP. As a result, remodeling companies report an uptick in the number of customers doing upgrades and remodels to allow them to age in place.


Fortunately, there are some simple changes you can make to your home to make your home comfortable and safe as you age. ·

✔︎  Install Grab Bars – Install bars and railings in high-risk locations, such as bathrooms  and bedrooms. ·

✔︎  Ramps – Often older people need assistance when walking. Add a discreet ramp to the home to allow those needing wheelchairs, walkers, or canes to enter the home safely. ·

✔︎   Utilize Smart Technology – Smart technology has improved the security of senior homeowners.

✔︎  Medical alerts, remote security, and communication systems allow the homeowner access to immediate help in an emergency. ·

✔︎  Go Hands-Free – Change bulbs and outlets to voice-activated and changing faucets to hands-free will help those with joint or grip pain. ·

✔︎  Update Flooring – Trip and fall injuries are common as we age, low pile carpet or non-slip hardscape is best for older homeowners. ·

✔︎  Improve Lighting – Consider nightligts in hallways and bathrooms and add brighter lighting to living spaces.


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