The temperatures are starting to warm up, the birds have started chirping, and we are seeing
a little more sunshine.
SPRING is officially here.
Let’s get those window’s open and
enjoy some fresh air!
Now is the time we are all thinking
Here are some tips that are good for any homeowner, whether you are getting ready to sell on the spring market or now.  These are not just your typical cleaning list, but include some extra tips to ensure a safe, clean & beautiful space.
We hope these lists inspire you & are helpful to you & your home! 


Home Safety Cleaning
When most people think of #springcleaning, they think of deep cleaning their kitchen, clearing their closets, scrubbing the bathroom, etc.

But are you also making sure you’re inspecting your home for safety?

This spring, consider using this time to check if your home is safe for you and your family!

✅ Deep clean your dryer. This means more than cleaning the lint trap!

✅ Make sure your emergency detectors are up-to-date. Dust them off, replace the batteries, and check them using the test button.

✅ Inspect for mold, especially in moisture-rich rooms. If it spreads, it can cause serious health problems so don’t skip over this maintenance!

✅ Maintain your emergency/first-aid kit. It’s common to take emergency kits for granted, but you need to be prepared in case of well… An emergency! Stock up on batteries, canned goods, bottled water, bandaids, gauze, and other supplies.

When you have tenants, who will remain in the home after the close due to their lease, then you must disclose the lease terms to the buyer. The new owner will be legally obligated by the lease. In a strong market, you may find a buyer willing to wait for the expiration of the lease, even if they intend to occupy the home.

Spring Organization


It can often feel like there are way too many tasks to check off in one season. That’s why it’s helpful to break down all your tasks into categories, such as organization, so you can focus on one step at a time!

Get started on your spring cleaning with some of these organizational ideas:

📁 Add wicker baskets around your home to have a convenient and aesthetic place to store miscellaneous items.

📁 Install floating shelves to maximize your use of vertical space.

📁 Place carts around your home that can act as a station for certain items (like a bar cart).

📁 Take inventory of your clothes and see what you can donate/clear out to make more space.

📁 Look around for unutilized space and think of ways to use it as storage space.

📁 Put your spices, grains, and other shelf-stable items into clear jars with labels for a clean and organized look.


If you have kids – get them in on it too!  After a winter of a lot of indoor play, have them go through toys & clothes they have grown out of and reorganize what is left.  Perhaps have them help you prepare for a yard sale where they can make some of their own money too! 
Kids will enjoy a fresher up space just for them too!

Spring Design Trends

Looking to freshen up your home as we go through spring? Here are a few inspirational trending ideas.

🌱 Create your dream garden. Indoor plants are having their moment, but plant moms and dads want more! Create your own garden to add even more personality to your home. (And it’s a fun hobby!)

🌱 Earthy tones. Gone are the days of pastels for spring. We’re seeing a wave of minimalistic and soothing earthy tones this 2022.

🌱 Pops of bold color. Continuing the palette trends topic, funky and bright colors are taking the interior design world by storm. Bold colors work best as accents. (Think: throw pillows, a chair, one wall, etc.)

🌱 Light and airy spaces. Large windows, outdoor dining areas, whispy canopies, and open floor plans are just a few popular examples of how to achieve a light and airy space.

🌱 Texture. This spring, consider playing around with textures! That can look like textured throw pillows, art, or even bringing various pieces of nature into your home.













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